How Bad Do You Want It? Commitment Vs. Motivation

How bad do you want it? Commitment Vs. Motivation


Wanting something and actually achieving it are two very different things. To actually get what you want, there’s some work involved, and it’s not always a smooth road. So do you let a bumpy road stop you, or do you keep pressing on?

One thing’s for sure - you’ve only got one life to live. With that said, how do you deal when the road to what you want gets rough? Do you rely more on commitment, or on motivation to get you through? Keep reading to learn how they differ, and get helpful insight on which best serves you in reaching your goals in life.

Commitment vs. Motivation. Are you motivated, or committed? What's the difference, and is one better than the other? Click the link inside to watch the video where I explain what motivation and commitment really are, and which one you need in your life the most right now in order to reach your goals.  Join the discussion in my private Facebook group!  Learn more about me and how I can help you develop a winning mindset:

The Best Laid Plans…

In the spirit of home improvement, my husband and I made plans to overhaul our backyard. The kind of plans that involve literally tons of stone and gravel… and we planned to do it all ourselves. What’s a little elbow grease, right?

Fast forward to the weekend when we began installing stone edging. A whopping 1.2 tons of it to be exact. Needless to say, it was a grueling experience. Our bodies made it clear that they didn’t get the home improvement memo, and my mind wanted to quit every step of the way.

I was full of doubt

Then all of the doubts came flooding in.. What if we don’t finish in the time frame we gave ourselves? What if things don’t turn out the way we want? What if we go through all of this, hate the outcome, and waste all of that time and money?

My motivation tanked.

A shift of focus

When I noticed these self-defeating thoughts creeping in, decided to shift my focus. I focused on the image in my mind of the finished product. The yard looked amazing. I allowed myself to feel a sense of delicious satisfaction of a hard job well done. I pictured us sitting on our patio, sipping a glass of wine, and looking out on our handiwork.

As I allowed myself to experience this vision, I realized how committed I was to the finished product. My commitment reignited my motivation and gave me the physical and mental strength to keep working through the difficult times.

Step-by-step, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, and one stone by stone, we worked on our project until it was complete. And as I sit here typing and looking out at my beautiful backyard I can say without a doubt that yes, it really was worth it!

So the next time the road ahead gets bumpy and your motivation takes a nose-dive, get back in touch with your commitment. In the end, it’s your commitment to the goal that will fuel your motivation to keep pressing forward.

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