3 Ways To Stop Doubting Yourself And Exude Confidence

3 ways to stop doubting yourself and exude confidence


Are you tired of letting self-doubt keep you from being successful? Are you ready to exude confidence?

Everyone wins when true confidence is at play. Not only does being confident benefit you, but it models confidence to the people around you. Keep reading to find out 3 ways you can stop doubting yourself and exude confidence for the successful life you deserve.

Are you ready to be truly confident? For real this time? Not only does demonstrating confidence benefit you, but it also benefits the people around you. For example, demonstrating more confidence as a mom models confidence for your children - so improving your confidence not only as a mom, but as a woman, not only benefits you, but it benefits your kids as well! Everyone wins when true confidence is at play! | Mindset Coach & Transformation Mentor | Beflourished


The ultimate enemy of confidence is self-doubt, which is characterized by a lack of confidence in the reliability of one's own motives, personality, and thought. Self-doubt is the polar opposite of confidence, and minimizing it will lead to increased confidence.

The three most common ways that self-doubt rears its ugly head is by causing hesitation, fear, and learned helplessness.


Where are you hesitating in your decisions and actions? Hesitating is triggered when we feel uncertain. To begin getting a handle on this, become aware of what hesitating looks like for you. Typically hesitation is caused by fear and shows up as hiding, procrastination, being hypercritical, and making excuses.


Fear is your brain's way of keeping you safe from life-threatening situations - but we don't need this strong reaction in our everyday modern lives. Our ancestors had to constantly be alert to any changes in their environment because it could signal grave danger - potentially getting them killed by a wild animal or a powerful force of nature.

Our brains still have the same structure as our ancestors, making us view unfamiliarity as a potential threat. That's the reason why starting that new career, enrolling in that new class, or taking an unfamiliar route to the store feel scary. When our everyday decisions are different from the "norm", our brain recognizes them as threats, resulting in resistance to making decisions that lead to anything unfamiliar.


Lastly, self-doubt causes a state of learned helplessness. This is a biggie. Learned helplessness results from repeatedly failing to control unwanted events or discomfort in your life.

When you feel like you can’t escape pain (physical, mental, or emotional) you eventually stop trying to avoid the discomfort. Learned helplessness is the embodiment of the phrase “roll over and die”.

So even when opportunities to escape are placed in front of you, this learned helplessness prevents any action.

Instead of seeing challenges, difficulties, and failures in life as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve - you believe you can avoid them altogether by not trying anything at all. Not trying becomes your security blanket to protect you from failure. The thing is, by not trying and doing nothing, you’ve already failed!

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – by believing you’re powerless, you shy away from opportunities to change, which strengths your feelings of powerlessness.

When you focus on what’s within your control - YOURSELF - your choices, actions, skills, and responses to situations - you put yourself in a position to improve yourself and your view of the environment around you.

Once you are able to nip hesitation, fear, and learned helplessness in the bud, your self-doubt will melt away and allow you to achieve the success you desire.

Mia Miller is a mother, wife, athlete, and lover of life. She is also a Mindset Coach and Transformation Mentor, and founder of Beflourished.com.