The 3 Essential Boundaries Every Introvert Must Have For Career Success

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The 3 Essential Boundaries Every Introvert Must Have For Career Success


If you’re an introvert or knows someone who is, and you work with people in any capacity, it’s important to consider your boundaries. More specifically, it’s critical that you establish boundaries in your business and workplace.

There are 3 areas in work and business where establishing boundaries is crucial for introverts if you want to be as successful as possible - without undue stress. Keep reading to learn about each of them and how to incorporate them into your professional life.

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3 Benefits of establishing work boundaries

  1. Introverts are quiet leaders.

    They work best as leaders when they have a team of initiative-takers, versus people who need to be micromanaged and told what to do next. You need forward-thinking teammates. Keeping that in mind, remain firm about who you are willing to have on your team for the most success and least amount of stress.

  2. Introverts do their best creative work ALONE.

    And by alone that means being able to close the door or have walls to retreat behind, and have quiet. Establish boundaries around what work space design is acceptable for you to be at your most productive. Feeling like you're on display or overly-accessible due to an open office environment, or being susceptible to frequent interruptions will kill your creativity and cause undue stress.

  3. Introverts take time to think about, research, and form responses to queries.

    Establish boundaries around your response times. Have dedicated email and voice message response times, and make sure the people you work with understand and abide by them. Introverts work best when they’re allowed ample time to think before answering (versus extroverts who tend to think out loud and respond quickly). Take the time you need, and make sure your colleagues understand that this is non-negotiable in order for you to do your best work.

Establishing healthy and helpful boundaries is only a small part of reclaiming space in your life in order to have less stress, gain more time, and enjoy more success. It's important to apply principles like this in every part of your life if you want to go from being forever "busy" to actually being EFFECTIVE.

I work with my clients in depth on establishing boundaries in every area of their lives, and so much more. If you're interested in becoming a more effective version of yourself with less stress and overwhelm, I'd like to invite you on a 30-minute strategy call with me.

We'll unpack what desire at this stage of your life and clarify your vision - and you'll walk away with improved clarity on your true desires, your vision, and the next steps to take to move the needle forward and create ease and flow in your life.

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