Light Your Fire! 3 Ways To Get Your Head In The Game When Life Gets You Down

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Light Your Fire! 3 Ways To Get Your Head In The Game When Life Gets You Down

We’ve all been there at one time or another. You're constantly on the go and just "making it through". You're running on caffeine and surviving your days instead of THRIVING. Life feels a bit out of control and you are hanging on for dear life.

You've lost your inner spark. You’ve been so busy living the life that society says you "should" that you’ve lost sight of what YOU want and what feeds your soul. It’s time to light your fire!  Keep reading for 3 simple ways to get your head back in the game when life starts to get you down.

Three Ways To Get Your Head In The Game When Life Gets You Down_Balance & Success

1. Get quiet

The best way to do this is through a meditative practice such as guided meditation or yoga. If you're anything like me, finding the time to meditate seems daunting. But you only need a few short minutes! Find a quiet place to sit and do some deep breathing and relaxation (or check out this 3-minute meditation) each morning before the craziness of your day takes over. The beauty is that you don’t have to DO anything. You don’t have to achieve anything. All you need to do is BE. Follow your breathing or a guided meditation each day, and within a few weeks you’ll feel the difference in being able to slow down and get out of your own head.

2. Reflect

Look back over your life for patterns of excitement and passion. What things brought you to life and impassioned you? Life gives us clues. At one time there were things that excited you, but the rat-race of life distanced you from them. Get a pen and paper and spend 15 min writing down things that used to fire you up inside. These are the things that you need to start doing again, so make a plan and get to it.

3. Move

Deliberate, physical movement is an amazing way to light your fire. There’s no need to work out until you’re lying in a puddle of sweat on the floor, but gentle stretching and taking walks around your neighborhood can work wonders. Rekindled your relationship with moving your body regularly, and feel the fire within yourself rekindle.


Whenever you feel like the pace of your life is getting your down, don’t settle for feeling weighed down and uninspired. Relight your fire with the tips mentioned above and go from “too busy”, to intentional and THRIVING.

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