How To Eliminate Self-Doubt And Achieve Success

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How To Eliminate self-Doubt And Achieve Success


Stepping out of your comfort zone to take the path less traveled can stir up many negative emotions - one of which is self-doubt. You think, “How can I…?” or “Who am I to…?, or “What if I can’t…?” Before you know it you’ve shrank back into your shell vowing to never leave what’s always been comfortable. You’re stuck. Keep reading or scroll down to watch the video about how I’ve successfully dealt with self-doubt in the past and how you can do so too by using my 3-step strategy.

A while back I was in a similar situation. While I was in the midst of spinning up my coaching business, I became filled with self-doubt. I wondered if I was good enough, outgoing enough, or knowledgeable enough to help my future clients the way I wanted to. In that moment of weakness I applied for a job in the fitness industry and was offered the position. But I knew that accepting this position would all but sideline my developing business, and my dream - my passion - would never come to fruition.

It would have been so easy to just take the job, shrug my shoulders at my dream business, and never look back. After all, I was full of self-doubt. A job would have been accepted by the world around me without as much as a raised eyebrow. It was logical… safe.

Stepping out of your comfort zone to take the path less traveled can stir up many negative emotions - one of which is self-doubt. Click to learn how to transform your self-doubt into self-belief using a foolproof 3-step strategy.  Work with me!   lifebalance #success #selfdoubt #confidence #believeinyourself #comfortzone #strategy #transformation #howto

Instead of letting self-doubt take over, jumping into this new position head-first, and turning my back on myself and my deepest desires, I decided to pause. After a lot of reflection, analysis, and a hearty dose of self-care, I kicked self-doubt to the curb, declined the job offer, and CHOSE ME. And it was the best thing I ever did.

So you might be thinking, “That’s great, but HOW do you kick self-doubt to the curb?” The truth is, I was able to turn my self-doubt into self-belief using 3 simple (but not always easy) strategies:

1. reflect

What’s your end-game? Is your doubt based on not meeting your own expectations, or based on the possibility of not meeting the expectations of other people? It’s not uncommon for the desires of others to play way too big a part in the decisions we make for ourselves.

2. Identify your strengths

What about your situation lies in your favor?  Are there any advantages or insider knowledge that you possess that you can leverage to help increase your self-belief and approach things with confidence?

3. Incorporate self-care

Engage in self-care to nix overwhelm. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, enough time around people you enjoy, and enough time spent doing things you enjoy. Doing this fills your cup physically, emotionally, and spiritually - putting you in a much better head space to see yourself in the best light possible and make make decisions that serve you.

Following this 3-step strategy when you’re wrestling with self-doubt will allow you to “press pause” and come back with a fresh and more positive outlook.

Overcoming self-doubt is one of the many things I work on with my clients. When you approach your life from a position of self-belief and confidence, you unlock the freedom to pursue your dreams, you nurture your well-being, keep up with what's important to you without losing your marbles, AND SO MUCH MORE!

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