3 Facts About Positivity That Will Make You Think Twice

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3 Facts About Positivity That Will Make You Think Twice

Positivity can really get a bad wrap sometimes. Some people believe that looking for the positive side of things equates to being in denial of reality - but I beg to differ.

Seeking out the positive in what comes across as a negative situation isn’t denying that the negative things exist, but it’s a way to see the complete picture. As I see it, choosing to be positive has more benefits than drawbacks. Three major benefits to positivity are:

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  1. A positive focus creates a more positive outlook on life.

    Once you begin to notice the good in one aspect of your life, it becomes easier and easier to view everything else through that positive lens. Where we fail to use this to our advantage is not being conscious of our choices, and so we end up falling into the default negative route our subconscious mind is programmed to focus on.

  2. A positive focus helps to fight anxiety.

    By refusing to dwell on negative thoughts and choosing to focus on positive ones instead, you  your mind from getting stuck. As a result you are able to keep moving forward instead of circling the drain of negativity. The more you refuse to indulge negative thoughts, the faster they’ll subside, resulting in your feeling less anxious.

  3. Positivity breeds gratitude, and vice versa.

    When you shift your mind to gratitude, it kicks your thoughts out of any negative pattern that might have been happening. Focusing on what you’re grateful for, instead of what’s wrong or lacking, places your brain in a better position to find solutions instead of problems. Your brain will actually begin searching for the positivity around you instead of what’s imperfect. Gratitude can also help decrease feelings of depression.

So do your brain and yourself a favor and embrace positivity whenever the opportunity presents itself. Not only will it make you feel better emotionally, but it will also pack a brain-boosting punch.

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