Never Chicken Out Again - How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty

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Never Chicken Out Again - How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty


You know you really wanted to say "no" but you said "yes" anyway. You know you don't have the time or energy for yet another thing, but you let yourself get wrangled in anyway. After all, you want to seem like an agreeable person.

You're left wondering why you're so incredibly "busy", yet it feels like you’ve gotten nowhere fast with only exhaustion to show for it.

It’s time to stand up for yourself and what you truly want. Don’t chicken out! It’s time to learn how to say “no”, and let others know you really mean it. Here are 4 reasons your mouth keeps saying “yes” even though your mind is screaming “NO!”, and the approaches to take in overcoming each of them.

Never Chicken Out Again - How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty_Balance + Success

1. You're scared of what others might think.

The thing is, everyone has an opinion. People will think what they want to think regardless of your actions. So you might as well protect your energy and well-being instead of bending over backwards to satisfy someone else’s fleeting opinions. Not everyone will ever agree with you or your actions, and THAT'S OKAY. You are not responsible for how other people feel - they are.

2. You assume others will be angry and you want to avoid confrontation.

The truth is, most people are more understanding than you give them credit for. If someone does get angry because you’re protecting your time and well-being, it’s clear that they have no regard for you in the first place and either need to reevaluate themselves, or be removed from your life altogether.

3. You don't believe that your desires aren’t important.

This simply ISN'T TRUE! Your desires ARE important, and giving value to them is powerful. When you discount your desires, you're giving away your power. So step into what brings you joy, and skip what sucks you dry.

4. You don’t want the hassle.

I GET IT. But ask yourself what’s the bigger hassle: getting stuck giving your time and energy to people and relationships that aren’t edifying (and even bring you down), or taking back your time and energy by spending a couple of seconds saying “no”?

So the next time you're tempted to say "yes" when it's really a "hell no!", draw a line in the sand instead. It’ll be worth it. Because YOU'RE WORTH IT.

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