Three Surefire Approaches To Problem Solving

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Three Surefire approaches To Problem Solving

Life surely has its ups and downs and isn't always flowers and sunshine. Relationships end, loved ones pass away, health issues surface, and money gets tight. There are things that will punch you in the gut and turn your world upside down, you'll have to fight your way back.

How you deal with life's challenges determines how long you will suffer from fear and doubt. There are three surefire ways to deal with a problem: accept it, change it, or leave it. Use only one tactic or even use all three if you need them to effectively deal with the problem at hand. Read on as I explain each of these tactics in detail.

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The saying "what you resist, persists" couldn't be truer. When you resist something, you give it energy. Most people think that accepting a problem gives it power, but in reality, the opposite is true. When you accept a problem, you allow space for it to be released. You can't let something go that you don't have a hold of.

Accept that you have the problem. Then acknowledge where you are currently with what you're struggling with. When you avoid a problem, you can't solve it; but when you accept its existence, you make a way for the creativity to actually solve it. Avoidance, denial, and ignoring a problem only allows it to fester and grow. So just accept it so you can allow room for the energy and resolve to find a solution.


Let life happen for you, not to you. What meaning can you give your problem or challenge that will empower and move you forward? What meaning can you create that will help you release it and reestablish forward movement in your life?

Change your circumstances - be that through coaching, changing your surroundings, or whatever needs to happen in order to change the dynamic of your problem. When you change something outside of you, it allows you to experience change on the inside of you as well. A change in your circumstances is bound to change your perspective and meaning you're giving to your problem.


If acceptance and change aren't doing the job, it might be time for you to leave. Change your environment - this may be a partner, friend, job, etc. If your environment doesn't serve you and brings you down, leaving it is a valid choice in order to improve your situation. If you want to get healthier, don't go drinking with your friend every evening. If you are miserable in your job, leave for a different department, or leave that job altogether. If you are miserable in your relationship you can either accept it's truth, change it by getting counseling, or leave it completely. 

So the next time you are faced with a problem or challenge, remember that although the solution may not be easy, it is simple. Accept it, change it, or leave it. Which will you choose?

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