Three Things To Expect When You Start Something New

Three Things To Expect When You Start Something New


Opening up a new chapter and starting something new in your life can be very exciting, but it's not all rainbows and candy. Along with the excitement and exhilaration comes adjusting your routine and rearranging your priorities.


There are three shifts you can expect to make as you wrap your life around your new venture: making sacrifices, making compromises, and adjusting your focus. Keep reading for a peek into these shifts along with some insight into how I’ve incorporated them into my own life.

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It’s almost impossible to shake up your life as you’ve known it and not have to let something go. After all, there are only so many hours in each day and so much energy in your tank.

Two of the most common things on the chopping block are leisure time and sleep. Your new venture will require time, and there are only 24 hours in each day to work with. Using your leisure time to work on your new venture is an effective way to use your time more efficiently. Adjusting your sleep schedule to start your day earlier, stay up later, or get a little less shut-eye are viable options for creating the time you need to be successful as well.



Having to make compromises also comes with the territory when you’re beginning something new in your life. Your new venture is going to require your mental and physical energy. In order to give yourself the best chance at success, the people and things in your life that are currently at the top of your list of priorities may need to receive less of your focus.



The saying “What you stay focused on will grow” is true. Your new venture will require your focus if you want it to blossom. This means that you will have to redirect some of your focus from the other things in your life in order to feed it.



How have you been adjusting to the changes that come along with starting something new? What shifts and strategies have you implemented in order to be successful? 

Mia Miller is a mother, wife, athlete, and lover of life. She is also a Mindset Coach and Transformation Mentor, and founder of