How To Keep Your House Clean As A Busy Mom Without Losing Your Mind

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How To Keep Your House Clean As A Busy Mom Without Losing Your Mind


Have you had it up to *here* with the never-ending housework? Well that makes two of us! Fortunately there are a few ways to make this annoying product of adulting a little more manageable. Keep reading for 3 helpful hacks to keep your house clean as a busy mom and female entrepreneur.

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Learn to be okay with a little grime

Be okay with things not being clean. Like seriously. A little dirt never hurt anyone (just avoid letting things get completely disgusting).

Think Tidy, Not Clean

Keep your home tidy (hang up jackets, put things in their place). Do a quick once-over of your home when there isn't a lot of activity (before bed or when everyone's gone).


Focus On The Big 3

Place your efforts on the "Big 3": dishes, laundry, and bathrooms.

You can aim for C+ work on your bathrooms by using cleaning wipes regularly, allowing you to space out your deep cleanings.

Batch laundry on 2-3 days/week and if you have kids and they're old enough teach them to do their own. Fold laundry fresh out of the dryer so you aren't tempted to dump it for "later".

I hate to break it to you, but dishes are something we can't escape. If it doesn't bother you to do so, use paper plates for breakfast and lunch and save regular plates for dinner. Recycle your water glasses so you aren't making excess dirty dishes throughout the day.

Take a breath

When you toss aside the unrealistic idea of perfection (thanks a lot, Pinterest), keeping your home “clean enough” isn’t as difficult or time consuming as you think it is.

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